Psychological Enslavement

Because of the shame that was deeply interwoven into the fabric of my being by the ones who raised me, I was psychologically at the mercy of my perception of how others viewed me, or thought of me, for quite some time. To such a crippling extreme that I did indeed feel completely captive to … Continue reading Psychological Enslavement

Primal Provocations

Primal Provocations (By Jeff Brown) I call them “primal provocations.” They are those experiences, situations and individuals (“primal provocateurs”) that trigger our deepest early wounds and issues. For example, if you grew up with a deep anxiety about homelessness, a primal provocation would be any situation that causes you to worry about your ability to … Continue reading Primal Provocations

Resilience Born of Necessity

Surviving with Bipolar Disorder, dual addictions, and a host of maladaptive coping mechanisms ingrained into me from birth necessitated that I become exceptionally resilient. It wasn't for the purpose of reaching the temporal goals of success, achievement, accumulation of material wealth, acclaim, adoration, or awards. My resilience was birthed from a need to survive in … Continue reading Resilience Born of Necessity

Bad People Don’t Care About Getting Better

A number of years ago, I grew scared that I had Anti-Social Personality Disorder because, as an active Addict, I was so disconnected from my emotions, from my empathy, and from other people. My therapist not only affirmed that I possessed an addiction-stunted ability to empathize, emote, connect, and self reflect, she told me essentially … Continue reading Bad People Don’t Care About Getting Better