Surviving and thriving

I existed in survival mode, with mostly maladaptive coping mechanisms, until I got into therapy in 1993. After that, I was in quasi-survival mode until I found a spiritual way of life in AA in 2010. Thank you, AA and all my support network, for enabling me to thrive and survive! JM

Progress. Not perfection.

Recovery from an Addiction and learning to manage a serious mental illness take years. My journey started in 1993, and experience tells me that it will be a lifelong endeavor to keep chipping away at it -with small changes every day, and through lots of hard work and support. JM

Wake up call

I went to the pharmacy the other day to get a prescription filled. While I was standing outside waiting for them to fill it a young man come walking by. He looked up at me nodded his head and said hi. I nodded back and said “Hey, how's it going”. He said “I would be … Continue reading Wake up call