Serious mental illness, is not a choice

Nuerological brain illnesses, known as serious mental illness, is not a choice, it’s not something you as a parent did, or did not do, its genetic. People can’t just “snap out of it”, or “act right”. These illnesses below are the only illnesses, that require you to commit a crime in order to get treatment against your will. You must go to stage 4 ” do harm to oneself self or another” in order to get help. You may ask yourself “why wouldnt someone want help”? A large majority of people suffering from this illness, experience Anosognosia, big word, it means they have no self awareness of their illness. Tens of thousands of parents/ caretakers in America today, are waiting till stage 4, seems silly doesnt it? If our loved one had Alzheimer’s ( a few nueral synapses away) they would be treated immediately as their illness progressed . We operate from a  tragedy before treatment modality in the US, and that needs to end, NOW!

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