Cruelty Has Many Guises

Having been raised by someone with a passive-aggressive personality disorder, my personal experience, is that their gaslighting, (as discussed in this article); their rigid, limited, and maladaptive coping skills; their inability to empathize; and the conditionality of their “love” cause severe emotional damage, deliver a steady onslaught of psychological abuse, and deeply embed profound senses of shame, insecurity, anxiety, and self doubt.

But there is hope for those who have been assaulted by the twisted tactics of people with malignant personality disorders for long periods of time in close relationships.

Years of talk therapy, 12 Step spirituality, cognitive behavioral techniques, personal affirmations, building a strong support network, exposure therapy, forming deep relationships with healthy people, assertiveness, boundaries, and more have enabled me to develop a sense of self worth, dignity, comfort in my own skin, and confidence in my coping skills and strategies.


7 Signs of a Passive-Aggressive Gaslighter
Be on the lookout for these before you’re manipulated!

By Preston Ni M.S.B.A.

“In conclusion, what these seven types of passive-aggressive gaslighting have in common is the subversive attempt to distort, deceive, and manipulate, keeping the gaslightee off balance and inducing insecurity and inadequacy in the victim. The gaslighter can thereby get away with his or her own character flaws and personal wrongdoings and exercise control and domination over the relationship. Passive-aggressive gaslighting is a form of covert brainwashing and, at its worst, mental and emotional abuse.”

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