Look for the Helpers

Years ago, before acquiring effective coping mechanisms, receiving the love and compassionate teachings of wonderful therapists, starting medication for my Bipolar Disorder, immersing myself in the AA way of life and Fellowship, and putting forth ongoing diligent efforts, I was the person with extreme anxiety described below on many occasions. I was blessed with the ability to persevere through them, but they were agonizing nonetheless.

I have been through many tribulations in my 53 years, but negotiating life and the world with faulty coping mechanisms and an untreated mental illness was by far the most difficult.

The daily actions that many are able to take for granted are extremely challenging or impossible for people like us. That’s why so many of us are living on the streets, imprisoned, or prematurely dead.

As Mr Rogers said, “Look for the helpers.”

The world needs a lot more helpers like the one described below. 💥


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