Like many people, I wasted years “fitting in.”

Ignoring not only my authentic self, I also denied my Bipolar Disorder and dual Addiction.

Eviscerating myself spiritually, and torturing myself psychologically, I put myself through painful and self injurious social gymnastics to “be” the person I was “supposed to be” in order to fit in with those around me.

Years of hard work in therapy coupled with medication and self help were amazing palliatives that enabled me to function. But they could never erase the existential emptiness and sadness stemming from my self-betrayal to gain acceptance.

In 2010, the miracle of the Fellowship of AA came into my life. It was there that I found my wife, the best friends I have ever had, and fellow dual diagnosis/dual addicted individuals. And just as precious were the unconditional acceptance guaranteed by the Third Tradition and the unconditional love guaranteed by our common sufferings and common solutions.

In this Fellowship, I am flourishing, am becoming my authentic self, am finding sacredness, and am being true to myself. One day at a time. By the grace of a Higher Power.

I have found True Belonging. Or perhaps it has found me

Either way, I am Truly Grateful.

May you all find True Belonging. Whatever that may look like for you.


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