You are not worth less. Act accordingly!


You are not worth less. Act accordingly!

Our society teaches us to compare, compete, judge, and qualify people based on material, physical, and external circumstances, conditions, abilities, and appearances.

And some of us have these soul-mutilating beliefs stitched deeply into the fabric of our being by a shame-based family of origin.

These pernicious lies inform and influence nearly all of our thoughts and actions, afflicting us with varying degrees of excruciating, crippling shame. A shame that drives us to harm ourselves and others in our determined, futile efforts to mitigate the suffering by getting more or being more.

And that’s the “sweet spot” for which every marketeer, charlatan, or politician aims when they attempt to seduce us to buy their wares or do their bidding.

Yet this is all premised on a lie. We are all beings of light. Awe-inspiring essences of awareness and consciousness. We are not minds, bodies, thoughts, emotions, or sensations. All of those things are vehicles, vessels, and experiences inhabited and lived by our spiritual selves.

No one’s core spirit is worth less than anyone else’s. Externalities and personal journeys aside, we are all valuable in our own way and we all serve a purpose within the Universe, though our limited perceptions may prevent us from seeing what that is for some people.

You are not worth less. Act accordingly!


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