The Inane Perpetuation of Unnecessary Suffering


The Inane Perpetuation of Unnecessary Suffering

[Pure love and passion for my fellow sufferers -who have been unable to scratch and claw their way to “functionality” (AND weren’t blessed with breaks, coping tools, and compassionate helpers) like me- in a wretched system that chews us up and spits us out like so much detritus, comprise the very DNA of my words….]

“Hell is other people.” ~Sartre

“It’s all in your head,”
Those motherfuckers, dismissively said.

“A severe mental illness, you say?
-Just accept it, you loser, OK?
Your mind is just weak.
Accept it, feeble one, your future is bleak.”

Cruelty and ignorance were on full display,
But shamelessly they persisted that way.

“And your addictions from which you claim to suffer?
-Quit crying. Lots of people have it rougher.
‘Just say no.’ Remember, Nancy said it would be fine.
Pull yourself up and grow a spine.”

Again I beat down their lies with persistence.
But I was exhausted by their vehement insistence.

“Your claims of pain are a joke, they shouted with glee.
-Pain is a physical phenomenon, you see?
Emotional pain you claim? Hmph!
-Emotional wounds. So pitifully lame.”

I had had just about enough.
But they gave me more of the “love” they call “tough.”

“Those homeless subhumans begging for bread and butter?
-Fuck them. Let them die in the gutter.
They’re not mentally ill, as you claim.
-And they only have themselves to blame.”

I felt my whole being fueled with rage,
But they pressed on with their heartless rampage.

“Haha! You claim we have many ‘crazies’ jailed.
-They belong there, they’re bad seeds who failed!
You claim we withhold the treatment they need.
-Ridiculous to see your fragile heart bleed.”

At last my rage I could no longer contain.
My anger fell upon them like a fiery rain.

“I’ve been to Hell with my fellow suffering souls.
-Just shut your filthy mouths, you sickening trolls.”

“Our pain is excruciating and kills our hope,
Our debilitating illness is beyond your scope.”

“But instead of being human and helping us out,
-You generously shower us with derision and doubt.
You ostracize us, punish us, and throw us away.
-Your compassion and love are in late stage decay.”

“Here’s a metaphor that might help you to see:
The Devil and God are raging inside me.”

At first silence met my hopeful ears,
But soon they began to resume their jeers.
They were shocked I had dared to utter a sound.
But with safety in numbers, they stood their ground.

“You people are disposable! Get the Hell out of our sight
-Or we’ll lock you in darkness, extinguishing your hope of ever seeing even a sliver of light.”

With Bipolar Disorder I’ve fought to function for years.
-But the odds were against me and often overcome my peers.

And here were these cretins condemning my less fortunate kin,
-To a life of misery and a human trash bin.

Yet in spite of their twisted disregard for our plights
-And disdain for our dignity and God-given rights.
I nurture my hope and keep it alive
-Love conquers hate, so long as we strive.


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