“Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible.” -Dalai Lama XIV

Years of, first existing, and now living with Bipolar Disorder have left me with many wounds. Fortunately, many of them have healed into scars.

My emotional and physical scars are signs of my tenacity, but more importantly, they are God’s fingerprints left behind in the process of molding me.

The deep, excruciating wounds and the shattered life that I suffered throughout my years of untreated Bipolar Disorder were necessary consequences of the Higher Power of my understanding forging me into a good person.

Each time I sustained a blow or a gash or a cut or a burn through this process, whether to my body or to my soul, my Higher Power put a kind human being into my life who helped to mitigate my pain and to heal me.

Therapists, teachers, peers, close family members, dear friends, my amazing wife, and the Fellowship of AA quite literally loved me back to life when I was afflicted with my most hideous and gaping wounds.

Thanks to their kindness and unconditional love, I have been able to rebuild a shattered life AND my wounds are now beautiful scars.

Scars that represent love and my responsibility to offer kind, healing love to others.

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