It took me many years to learn (the VERY hard way) that my Bipolar Disorder is an illness that afflicts my brain, is chronic, and, if left untreated, is highly lethal.

Much like a diabetic, I have had to learn to radically change my life in order to manage my illness and stay healthy.

If I choose to let my Bipolar Disorder take its “natural” course, as it did for many years, the darkness that exists within me will re-emerge, as it has before.

Just as it re-emerged from within a fellow sufferer (and friend of mine) who was in so much pain that he jumped to his death from a bridge tonight.

20 minutes after I sent him a text asking him how he was doing. No red flags. No signs. Until a few short hours ago, when he missed an important meeting and a date with his girlfriend. Both without communication or explanation.

He sent one last text to his girlfriend before he jumped. She was on the phone with me, driving around looking for him, when she got it. When she read the text to me, we agreed that it had the earmarks of a good-bye message.

Tragically, that text did turn out to be his suicide note. We both tried frantically to reach him after she received it. But as it turns, he was most likely gone just after sending it.

Cut down in the prime of his life by the darkness that existed within him.

Please pray for my friend and everyone with Bipolar Disorder or any serious mental illness.

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