For years I put myself into situations in which I needed someone to “save me from myself.”

Many were dire, potentially life-threatening, and severely self-destructive. Surviving with untreated Bipolar Disorder, Alcoholism, and Porn Addiction, I put myself through the mill and engaged in myriad high risk behaviors when I was manic and acting out.

Metaphorically, I was very much like the girl in the image: Tied to the railroad tracks and at the mercy of the oncoming locomotive of excruciating or deadly consequences.

Yet the Higher Power of my understanding intervened EVERY time with helpful, loving people, unexpected events, lifelines, and in a host of other ways, leaving me (metaphorically) beaten and bloodied, but intact.

Today, having reached a place of “one day at a time” stability and sobriety, I no longer live on or near the railroad tracks and am no longer in danger of getting mangled and annihilated by the merciless impact of a 6000 ton train traveling at breakneck speed.

I am grateful for the grace I received and all those who helped me along the way. And I recognize that I need to stay diligent with my regimen of spiritual fitness, sobriety, and brain health.

Because I have a very healthy fear of that train and putting myself into situations where I need to be saved from myself.

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