I have been engaging in a sort of self-administered music therapy


It recently occurred to me that in all the years (25) that I have been engaged in some sort of recovery from my Bipolar Disorder, addictions, and unresolved trauma, music has been a consistent “companion,” particularly when I drive.

Even pre-recovery (and sometimes post), I used music as a means to escape my torturous thoughts and as a way to alter my mood and escape painful emotions.

It’s interesting that as I have grown healthier, I often elect to listen to songs and genres that match my mood rather than alter it. But it still provides a healthy respite from life’s harsh realities, providing the lift under the wings of my soul and carrying it to unknown horizons.

It’s ironic to realize that I have been engaging in a sort of self-administered music therapy that has helped keep me alive all these years.

More grace and gratitude!

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