You may not see it or believe it now, but you can and will overcome this


“You will emerge from this nightmare like the powerful, beautiful, resilient person who you are.”

Powerful and true words of encouragement for those who have been thrust into the nightmare of Clinical Depression.

Depression is a a truly hellish experience. It has its own distinct flavor of (emotional) torture in the sense that it robs a person of the one spiritual salve that eases or mitigates nearly all other types of pain. Hope. That light at the end of the tunnel. That belief that relief and something better are ahead.

Hope is resilient, but is no match for this demon. Depression is like a Black Hole. Consuming and destroying all that is in its vicinity. Including the light of hope.

The times Depression has plagued me, misery was my constant companion. The world around me seemed gray, dull, and meaningless. Joy, happiness, and pleasure were unattainable. Depression seemingly sucked all the goodness out of my world.

And I felt as though I would be trapped there. Forever. There was no end in sight. No light at the end if the infinitely long, frighteningly dark tunnel.

But, to all of you going through Depression, you will get through it. And you will come out on the other side. As a living testament to the tenacity and resilience of those of us with a mental illness.

You may not see it or believe it now, but you can and will overcome this.

Just as I have. And as have with many others

God never abandons us. And we are with you too.

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