Hopefully some mentally healthy skeptics will read this post and have an awakening


One disturbing aspect of the stigma and ignorance related to mental illness that persists in our society is that when those of us with a mental illness are symptomatic and suffering, we are not afforded the compassion and care that those with physical illnesses or wounds receive.

A mental health crisis isn’t treated as a crisis until someone dies by suicide or harms others. Instead, we sufferers are told to “get over it” or to “try harder.” Or we get a Band-Aid to “fix” what is akin to a ruptured aorta. Or worse still, society sometimes just throws us onto Skid Row or into a cage.

As a 51 year old who barely survived Bipolar Disorder before I got into Recovery, I can tell you that my Illness is every bit as grave and potentially lethal as diabetes. Like a diabetic, if I stopped my medication and other Recovery measures, I would not be long for this world.

All this considered, it’s enlightening (and a bit amusing) to imagine what it would be like if the roles were reversed.

Hopefully some mentally healthy skeptics will read this post and have an awakening.

This little comic really resonates with me….

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