I emerged wanting to spare others that soul-crushing Purgatory


One of the most beautiful blessings that my Bipolar Disorder, Addictions, and the suffering associated with them have given me is compassion for others who are suffering. And, more specifically, experiential empathy for those in the agonizing throes of untreated mental illness.

Prior to starting my Recovery journey in 1993, I considered my maladies to be a curse. But no more. The gift of feeling sadness and pain for others who are hurting, coupled with the desire and action to be of service by helping them, is priceless.

“Standing alone in the darkness” -isolated, deeply depressed, wracked with emotional pain, mentally tortured, shamed, plagued by ruminations, and assaulted by my viscious demons, I learned compassion.

And when I was blessed with the help and the tools to move out of that darkness, I emerged wanting to spare others that soul-crushing Purgatory. According to my abilities and resources.

May my Higher Power grant me the strength, faith, and endurance to continue answering that calling. One day at a time.

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