10 AMAZING Guideposts for Living (that work)!


10 AMAZING Guideposts for Living (that work)!

I am about to finish reading Brene’ Brown’s “The Gifts of Imperfection” and I want to live Wholeheartedly so badly I can taste it.

Her “Letting Go Of” column is a great summation of how I was taught to live as I grew up. And that teaching and modeling that came from my family of origin was, and is, stitched deeply into the denim of our materialistic, hyper-competitive, me-first society.

In Brene’s “Cultivating” column, we find components/principles/ways of being that, simply put, comprise a spiritual life. And in my case, spiritual Recovery.

As I read, I realized that my years of therapy, reading, taking action, AA, and surrendering to the Higher Power of my understanding have had me cultivating all of these ways of living.

Progress has been slow, as this new architecture for living is SIMPLE, but not EASY. It does not come naturally to me and it goes against the grain of nearly all of my familial and social indoctrination.

In fact, living in this manner is so counter-cultural and radical, a Palestinian-Jewish itinerant preacher was crucified (in part) for teaching it.

My garden still has many weeds. Some of them are quite noxious. If I don’t continue laboring, it will be overrun again with nasties like perfectionism, scarcity, control, numbing, and such. Which would give my Bipolar Disorder and Addictions the sustenance they need to grow to monstrous proportions again.

So meanwhile, I will grab the hoe, pray for rain, and keep cultivating the flowers of self-compassion, resilience, gratitude, joy, calm, authenticity, laughter, and more.

My faith and experience have shown me that they will bear fruit.

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