Most people have a desire and need to be believed and trusted.


When one has an untreated mental illness, addiction, or emotional trauma, it’s fair to conclude that one had stunted social skills and malaptive behavior patterns.

My experience was that while manipulation was one tactic that I used to get my needs met before I got into Recovery from Bipolar Disorder and Alcoholism, it was by no means my primary one.

It was, and still is (now that I am on the journey of Recovery), hurtful to be falsely accused of being manipulative.

Barring those with predatory personality disorders, most people have a desire and need to be believed and trusted.

Admittedly, when I was untreated, there were many times when I was dishonest about anything pertaining to my addictions, including with myself. But there has always been an affinity for truthfulness and trustworthiness at my core. Which enables me to practice the rigorous honesty of AA. One day at a time.

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