In AA we call Alcoholism the “disease of more”


In AA we call Alcoholism the “disease of more,” as many of us suffer from cross addictions, some of us pick up new ones to replace alcohol, and almost all of us are compulsive in our approach to many things we do and consume.

My years of living in the sickness of my Bipolar Disorder and my addictions, coupled with my 25 years in some measure of Recovery, have persuaded me that I can become addicted to nearly anything. I just did a quick count in my head and came up with 8 addictions over my 51 years.

As humans we are born with natural instincts that drive us to seek sustenance, hydration, security, and procreation. Healthy people seem to be wired to stay within the intended limits of pursuing their instincts.

When we are mentally ill or addicted and consistently exceed reasonable limits, our behavior becomes pathological to us. And to those around us.

And odd as it sounds, addictive over-indulgence of something as innocuous as water (a rather odd example) can become serious and problematic.

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