So choose the words of your self-talk wisely and with compassion!


Negative self-talk was one aspect of my untreated Bipolar Disorder that was causing me so much emotional pain. It was self-inflicted, but done so without realizing that it wasn’t natural or that there was any other way. I was much like a fish swimming in water and not being conscious of the water.

When I got into early recovery in 1993, my therapist taught me to practice using positive self-affirmations and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

In an ongoing effort that took years before it became grooved and natural, I learned to “reprogram” my brain so that my inner dialogue is now much kinder to others and to me. And it directs me to perceive and relate to the world in a much more realistic way.

What you tell yourself has a powerful effect on you and others. So choose the words of your self-talk wisely and with compassion!

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