Never Give Up


Before I got into Recovery, I spent 43 years experiencing insomnia, self hatred, distorted thinking, anxiety, depression, mania, self harm, addiction, many toxic and broken relationships, rage, fear, financial insecurity, personal insecurities, discomfort in my own skin, emotional agony, varying degrees of isolation, ruminations, and, pursuing myriad self-destructive activities..

To borrow a phrase, “nevertheless, (I) persisted.” By the grace of my Higher Power, and by my hardscrabble persistence to hold on and to find just enough resources to survive.

Having found stability and an infinitely better way of living in Recovery over the last 9 years (having started my pursuit of it 25 years ago), my persistence and tenacity were rewarded with thriving rather than barely surviving.

Maintaining my recovery, and continuing to grow in it, remain dependent upon the grace of my Higher Power and my persistent efforts.

And while I can’t say it with absolute certainty, my experience and my faith in my Higher Power tell me with reasonable certainty that I will not give up.

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