This encapsulates the gifts and blessings that AA has brought to my recovery and my life


Having been in some form/stage of Recovery from Bipolar Disorder, Alcoholism, emotional trauma, and Porn addiction for 25 years, including myriad therapists and psychotropic drugs, psych hospitalizations, peer groups, group therapy, applying CBT and other tools, self-help books, inner child work, and on and on, I finally have a life where I am thriving rather than surviving. At age 51.

The missing piece of the puzzle for ME (not to say it’s for everyone) came in 2010 in the form of the spiritual recovery attained by becoming rooted in the AA Fellowship, 12 Steps, and spiritual way of living.

This (from my morning readings today) encapsulates the gifts and blessings that AA has brought to my recovery and my life:

“Service gladly rendered, obligations squarely met, troubles well accepted or solved with God’s help, the knowledge that at home or in the world outside we are partners in a common effort, the well-understood fact that in God’s sight all human beings are important, the proof that love freely given surely brings a full return, the certainty that we are no longer isolated and alone in self-constructed prisons, the surety that we need no longer be square pegs in round holes but can fit and belong in God’s scheme of things – these are the permanent and legitimate satisfactions of right living for which no amount of pomp and circumstance, no heap of material possessions, could possibly be substitutes. True ambition is not what we thought it was.”

1952 AAWS
Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions p. 124

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