But the worst day in Recovery is better than the worst day untreated!


What a great reminder that finding the relief of the freedom and stability of recovery is not a guarantee of perpetual rainbows, candy, and balloons.

Surviving with an untreated mental illness, deep emotional wounds, or an addiction is torturous. And Recovery, by way of comparison, is bliss. But as a wise sponsor of mine once reminded me, “not every day is going to be a 10.”

We still have life coming at us and our mental health is on a spectrum. We are not cured. We “have but a daily reprieve contingent on the maintenance of our spiritual condition.”

Some days we maintain better than others. Some days life hammers us much harder than others. And some days our maladies just kick our asses.

But the worst day in Recovery is better than the worst day untreated!

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