We all benefit from society and we all need to give back


People who stigmatize those of us with a mental Illness, pill shame, minimize, tell us to “get over it,” and generally treat us like the dregs of society are narcissistic and sick.

They have no sense of the responsibility that they bear as part of the social contract into which we are all forced when we are born. The only way out is to go Ted Kaczynski. But then he relied on the library near his cabin, public transportation to get to San Francisco, and the USPS.

We all rely on others in some way. Humans are social beings. We don’t live in the uber-independent bubble that our culture teaches us we do.

Those who kick the mentally ill when we are down out of selfishness and ignorance are partially responsible for millions of mentally illl people fending for themselves on the streets or rotting in jails and prisons.

We all benefit from society and we all need to give back. 1 in 5 of us is mentally ill. That’s 20% of the population!

We all need to wake up, end the stigma, and strive for a society that takes care of our brothers and sisters when they are down. Instead of kicking them to the streets or into a cell.

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