Living a life of spiritual recovery, I am choosing a counter-cultural path


In a culture obsessed with perfection, appearances, material acquisition, youth, and sexual attractiveness, advertisers (that are nearly ubiquitous via TV, radio, the Internet, billboards, etc) prey upon our insecurities to sell us products and services to enable us to attain these ultimately hollow, aspiritual things.

Those of us with untreated mental Illness, past trauma, or an addiction are particularly vulnerable, as self-hatred, distorted thinking, shame, and low self-esteem are parts of our affliction.

Liking yourself IS a revolutionary act in a society that values profit and shallow pursuits over people and spiritual living. We are too busy binge-watching on Netflix, working out obsessively to get that “perfect” body, hustling to make car payments we can’t afford, and shopping for new clothes on Amazon to get to know and like ourselves.

Living a life of spiritual recovery, I am choosing a counter-cultural path.

In fact I am taking this revolutionary act a step further. I am learning through practice to LOVE my neighbor, my God, my enemy, and myself.

That’s what Jesus called upon us to do. And He was perhaps the most revolutionary figure in all of history. And the most loving. With His love being a verb and the most powerful force in the world.

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