Demi Lovato struggles with demons that would bring you to your knees in agony


To the critics of Demi Lovato,

I purposely referenced you with a lower case “c” because you are diminutive, mean-spirited bullies.

Ms. Lovato suffers from Bipolar Disorder, an SMI (serious mental Illness) It has a very high mortality rate and shaves an average of 10 years off a person’s life span.

Like her, I have Bipolar Disorder and Alcoholism/Addiction. Serious, stable recovery didn’t come for me until I was 43. I am 51 years old.

Ms Lovato is 25 years old and was already in recovery. Kudos to her for getting there so quickly.

Just as recovery from a mental illness is not ever “complete” in the sense that one is cured, it is not linear and can come and go in fits and starts. Mine was 43 years in coming and it could be gone tomorrow!

Demi, millions of compassionate and understanding human beings with hearts are 100% behind you!

Take as long as you need to get back on the tracks of sobriety and stability. And may you be surrounded with loving, accepting people who are willing to help you in any way they can.

And for you critics, remember, the brain is an organ. When a person has something go awry with their brain, they need just as much love, support, and access to care as anyone with any other ailment, be it cancer, diabetes, heart failure, lung disease, kidney disease, etc.

She struggles with demons that would bring you to your knees in agony.

Grow a heart and join the human community!

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