Even in recovery, the brain can still morph into Mr Hyde at times


One of the most difficult things about having a mental illness is trying to concentrate, be present, and function while your mind is attacking you with distorted thinking, shaming, self-critical thoughts, anxiety-inducing obsessive thoughts, and the like.

Without recovery tools, medication, or a support network, even those of us who manage to appear to remain “high functioning” to those around us are dying inside. The pain and fatigue of defending ourselves from ruthless, relentless attacks by our own brains are brutal.

Even in recovery, the brain can still morph into Mr Hyde at times and become our own worst enemy, savaging our peace of mind and feelings of self-worth.

Having a mental Illness is existentially tiresome, but being in recovery, having a life instead of a mere existence, and helping others by sharing our experience, strength, and hope give the struggle meaning and purpose.

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