Instead of being “deified,” the Reagans should be vilified


Ronald Reagan committed a passive-aggressive crime against humanity regarding the mentally ill, addicts, and trauma survivors. He is primarily responsible for the hundreds of thousands of our brothers and sisters left fending for themselves on the streets and the millions locked in cages with no care.

And God only knows how many addicts Nancy Reagan killed with her profoundly ignorant and heartless “Just Say No” campaign.

Instead of being “deified,” they should be vilified.

For clarification:

“The mentally ill are amongst the most vulnerable populations in society because most are unable to make sound decisions regarding their own care due to their mental state. The consequences of Reagan’s social policy can be measured by the fact that today one-third of the homeless population are suffering from severe mental illness which puts a burden on police departments, hospitals and the penal system which lack the training and resources to deal with psychiatric emergencies (Honberg, 2015). Reagan’s unethical choice to end federal funding for mental health programs was driven by the desire to cut the budget. As a result, he did much more harm than good (PSY533, 2017).”

God give those of us who care the strength to continue pressing for social justice for our less fortunate brothers and sisters….

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