USA, “Christian Nation,” let’s start living up to our marketing hype and do what Jesus would do


While they are certainly no panacea, kindness and compassion go a long way towards helping those of us with mental illnesses or addictions. Particularly those who are untreated and have been left to fend for themselves on the streets or have been warehoused in jails or prisons, America’s largest “mental health treatment facilities.’

People with untreated, severe mental illnesses or addictions are often, ostracized, denied access to care, dehumanized, degraded, and treated in a cruel manner.

We call ourselves a “Christian nation.” Yet the fact of the matter is that broken, suffering people are the very ones who flocked to Jesus and for whom he came to minister.

Providing adequate housing, care, and treatment for them would be love. Jesus embodied love.

Neglect and imprisonment are apathy, cruelty, and hate.

Let’s start living up to our marketing hype and do what Jesus would do.

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