This Is What A Panic Attack Physically Feels Like


This Is What A Panic Attack Physically Feels Like (Huff Post)

“Mine are like I can’t stand up, I can’t speak. All I feel is an intense amount of pain all over, like something is just squeezing me into this little ball. If it is really bad I can’t breathe, I start to hyperventilate and I throw up.”

“At their worst, you can be thrown to the ground and totally unable to function. It feels like a terrorist attack or being chased by dinosaurs — yet while you want to run for your life, you can’t.”

“My body feels tingly and I get dizzy. I feel like ice is running through my veins. I want to run away from my body but I can’t, of course. Shallow breathing. Heart racing. Total panic.”

“It feels like every wall is closing in towards me; like I can’t see straight and my vision suddenly becomes spotty. Tunnel vision describes it perfectly.”

“Like taking off, except the engine that lifts you up is the fear and you cannot tell it to go away. [It feels like a] rollercoaster ride and an adrenalin high, but you’re seated.”

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