No, Kanye West, Bipolars Aren’t ‘Superheroes’ and Bipolar’s Not ‘Awesome’ -By Natasha Tracy

EDITOR’S NOTE: Below, the amazing Mental Health Advocate, Natasha Tracy, makes a strong case that Kanye West is doing serious harm to many people with Bipolar Disorder. (I am one of them, so this piece is much appreciated).

And RIP to Robin Williams and Carrie Fisher, both of whom seemed to possess “super powers” via their Bipolar Disorder as well. Bipolar Disorder is a serious mental illness that needs to be managed diligently. Not something to be taken lightly.


“No, Kanye West, Bipolars Aren’t ‘Superheroes’ and Bipolar’s Not ‘Awesome’”

By Natasha Tracy

The problem lies with the fact that Kanye West is now (arguably) the most famous creative with (confirmed) bipolar disorder. This means that for many people, Kanye West is going to be the one they think of when they think “bipolar.” This means the experience that he shares about bipolar disorder is going to be the one people are going to think is accurate and all-encompassing. This means his words about bipolar disorder not being a “disability” are going to ring out with angelic clarity to the masses…..

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