Recovery from Depression: It was one small victory at a time


I can’t remember the moment I realized I have depression. Depression does not have me. It does not own my mind, my body and my soul. These things are elements of my being that belong solely to me and to no one or no thing.

I can’t remember the moment when this realization gave life to a tiny spark of hope that I could fight. Slowly, painfully, I began to take back the elements of my being depression had stolen from me. I won’t lie. I didn’t do this unaided. It took medication, therapy, God, friends and family to bring me up to a level playing field and to give me the energy to expend that much effort.

It was one small victory at a time. Doing a homework assignment that was a month late because I hadn’t had energy to complete it. Going to class because I could finally get out of bed. Taking only one nap instead of three to make it through the day. Spending time with a friend instead of isolating myself because spending time with another person sucked out too much of my energy. Eating because I could actually taste the food and wanted to eat. Giving smiles because weariness was no longer pushing all of my muscles down. (Allie Widener, The Mighty)

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