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“But, there is no cure for mental illness, and they finally succumbed to this insidious disease,” the page read.

The twins had been battling various forms of their illness since they were young. Speaking on “The Doctors,” Worland described helping her toddler daughters with the “long, drawn-out process” of putting on their shoes or socks.

“There couldn’t be any wrinkles in their socks, and their shoes had to be tied just a certain way,” their mother recalled. “That process could go on for a half-hour, 45 minutes, an hour.”

Early on, they developed hypochondria, Amanda Eldritch told 9 News in the 2016 segment, and she described “a constant fear of going to hell.”

Their phobias became worse after they began puberty. They would each use an entire bar of soap during each shower, scrubbing until they removed a top layer of skin, they told “The Doctors.”

“Their OCD just got worse and worse and worse,” their mother was quoted as saying in the hospital publication. “After high school graduation, they retreated to their beds. They didn’t leave the house until April of the next year.”

They would use so much hydrogen peroxide on their faces that their eyebrows would turn orange. They would shower for so long that the water would leak through to the kitchen, their mother told “The Doctors.”

“We started losing touch with our friends,” Sara told “The Doctors.” “When it takes you all day to take a shower, you’re never going to go meet them somewhere. They just stopped calling us.”

Their isolation led to depression, and “by the end of our late 20s, we just kind of gave up on life entirely,” Sara told “The Doctors.”


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