Triumph over Challenges when Dealing with Bipolar Disorder


Triumph over Challenges when Dealing with Bipolar Disorder

Our lives unfold with an undetermined future in front of us, but we are always left with one aspect of this life – choice. Yes, mental illness may pummel us to the ground with strings of hospitalizations, loss of employment, failed marriages, severe debt, medication trials, lost hopes and so on. However, if you are living with bipolar disorder today and you managed to brave the morning sun, you are one of the world’s heroes who demonstrates not only resiliency but hope for many who suffer. I admire people who thrive to better their lives and make a positive impact in the world by advocating for themselves and/or others. Dedicating positive energy toward our own path in any way is an act of courage and striving for tomorrow demonstrates a strong ‘will into action’ that carries us through to the next day. (Andrea Paquette)

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