When “I” is Replaced by “We,” Even Illness Becomes Wellness


“Human beings are social creatures. We are wired from birth to be social because it is necessary for our survival. In times past, we grouped together in tight-knit communities, and we lived in multi-generational households. Modern society, however, tends to favor independence and solitude, and while there is nothing wrong with those things, it becomes a problem when it results in isolation.

People who are forced into solitude will begin to suffer physically, mentally and emotionally within a short period of time. Lack of social interaction in infants can result in severe learning disabilities and other problems. We need interaction and community in order to thrive.

For people with mental health issues, getting support isn’t always easy. Stigma and discrimination can lead people to isolate and avoid interaction, but this creates loneliness and can actually worsen symptoms. In order to feel your best and manage your mental illness, it’s important to develop a support group of people you can count on.” (His House Treatment Centers)

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