Brilliant minds linked to autism

Andy Warhol: Obsessed by collecting

Historical figures including Socrates, Charles Darwin, and Andy Warhol probably had a form of autism, says a leading specialist.

Professor Michael Fitzgerald, of Dublin’s Trinity College believes they showed signs of Asperger’s syndrome.

Scientific geniuses Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein have also been previously linked to the condition.

Asperger’s is associated with poor social skills, and obsessions with complex topics such as music.

However, people with the condition are often bright, and have above average verbal skills.

Professor Fitzgerald said the number of people being diagnosed with Asperger’s had significantly increased as doctors had become more aware of the condition.

He came to his conclusion after comparing the behaviour of his patients with that described in the biographies of the famous.

He believes the author Lewis Carroll, the poet W.B. Yeats and former Irish prime minister Eamon de Valera also showed signs of autism disorders.

He said: “Asperger’s syndrome provides a plus – it makes people more creative.” (BBC NEWS)

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