Put an End to the Abuse


By Maranda Frye

The mental & emotional damage that happens when a child is molested never goes away.

Talk to your children.

Never, EVER underestimate the hold a predator has on your baby and their ability to keep them silent. Make absolutely certain that your children know beyond a shadow of a doubt that they can tell you anything and everything.

This isn’t talked about nearly enough. Far too often the predator gets away scott free & moves on to a new target while the previous victim is left with a lifetime of mental and emotional scars, self esteem problems, and they more often than not turn to drugs to escape the memories and feelings.

Let’s make this viral. Raise awareness. Put an end to the abuse.

#IAmASurvivor #IWasAVictim #NoMeansNo #MeToo #DontTouchMe #BadTouch #NotOk
#StompOutChildAbuse #SOCA #SupportYourLocalSOCAChapter

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