Spiritual Recovery: You’re Never Too Young

By Patrick Hogeland, age 21
From an early age I felt disconnected from people. I always had a hard time connecting properly with people.r

Growing up I was belittled throughout school for my above average intellect. By the age of 14, I started to try marijuana. To try and fit into a group. To try and have friends. Though my grades were still good, and I looked to have a promising future, I had my dad pull me out of school at 17.I

I had planned on going into the service. For the United States marines-to escape my father. He also belittled me throughout my life.B

By 18, I had had enough and moved out into the world, that proved to be a little more forgiving. I was living couch to couch, working odd jobs.

By the age of 19, I started smoking meth. My life became unmanageable.

Right before my 20th birthday, I left KC to get away from drugs. Moved up to Wisconsin with my grandparents. Life looked up for a little while. But slowly, I slipped back into smoking marijuana. By 20, I was also using acid on a normal basis.

When life became unmanageable up in Wisconsin. I moved in with my mom whom I had not seen since I was 12. So back in KC again.

Couldn’t find work for the first 6 months here. Then I had finally got a job. Had been dry for almost 8 months at that point. Then went back to just smoking pot.

Friends from high school slowly slipped away. Then after I turned 21, I was at a party and relapsed on meth again. Went on a bender for a week straight. Got clean again without a program.

But 6 months later I lost my job. Family life became difficult. I also lost my uncle around that time. So I chose to relapse and go on another bender with meth.

Mother’s Day, 2017 was the day of my last bowl. I was so far out there that I called my mother, and pretended to be a cop, telling her that her son had died in a car crash on I-70.

I walked 6 hours in the left hand lane of I-70. By all rights I should have died. Lord knows I wanted to. But God had other plans for my life.

The police ended up taking me to Truman Medical Center. I called my sister, not knowing what I had done. The doctor told me I was coming off meth. My cousin told me that I needed to get help.

So that night I got into Heartland Detox. Every day I fought the urge to leave. I felt something telling me to stay. And a draw to the Bible. On the third night there, Healing House came. I shared part of my story, and the leader of the group insisted I apply to move into Healing House, a home for people in spiritual recovery striving to rebuild their lives.

That was almost 8 months ago. By Gods grace and love, I work my program of recovery and give as much time as I can to the ministry where I live. As well as to Church of the Resurrection, the church that partners with the Healing House.

I work a living amends to my mom everyday. Thank God she has never lost hope in me.

God has blessed me with a purpose, family, and the want to help others like me.

Healing House, Inc.

“If you or someone you know is seeking help with addiction recovery, consider Healing House, Inc. We have been providing the necessary tools and resources for individuals to obtain long-lasting addiction recovery in Kansas City since 2003. Our approach to helping men and women in recovery addresses the entire tri-fold aspect of addiction. In addition, our experienced staff is equipped with the tools and knowledge to help you achieve and maintain life-long sobriety.”



The Church of the Resurrection is the largest United Methodist congregation in the US, with a membership of over 22,000 and average weekly attendance for all campuses of 11,000 people.

It’s mission:

Reaching non-religious and nominally religious people and helping them become committed followers of Jesus Christ




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