MANIA IS HELL: You might be in a manic state….

If you buy a house you can’t afford with a fiance you’ve known for 2 months.

If you get deeply embedded in an extremist political group, becoming one of its loudest voices in less than a year.

If you are arrested for radical political actions and turn up the volume on your activism.

If you are under FBI investigation and stay the course with no thought of consequences.

If you run up $200,000 in credit card debt with no means to repay it.

If you isolate yourself from everyone in the world other than online “fellow activists.”

If, while you are engaged and paying a mortgage on a house with your fiance, you meet a woman on Facebook who lives a thousand miles away, fly to meet her, and marry her after 3 days.

If you inherit $100,000 in the midst of all this self-created chaos and you walk into a car dealership and pay $30,000 cash for a new car.

If you fly 2,000 miles to meet another online GF for a hook-up one month into your new marriage  (which is marriage number 4 for you).

If you leave your new wife after 2 months for yet another woman.

If, in addition to all of the above, you are publishing a widely-read political activist blog, running a local political activist group, co-raising a teenager with an ex-wife, working a full time job, and sleeping 2-3 hours a night.

If, after 2 years you finally crash into utter despair and desperation, experiencing a personal Dark Night of the Soul.

Mania can feel like constant thrills and exhilaration, but the consequences to others are immense, and as the Slayer song goes, “Hell Awaits” you.





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