Running Superman: Michael Wheeler’s Journey to Mental Fitness and Sharing His Joy

20171021_082448Michael Wheeler of Kansas City has been running for as long as he can remember. He likens himself to the classic film character, Forrest Gump, who ran throughout the country witnessing major historic moments.

“Like little Forrest in the movie, he ran from the bullies, that’s how I got into running,” said Wheeler. “I got tired of getting beat up, so I learned how to run.”

But while Forrest ran to run, Wheeler has a more specific cause. He’s running for Jesus.

“I’m an evangelist, but I’m a running evangelist,” said Wheeler. “I run just spreading the good news around.”

At a closer look, one can see that across the Superman symbol on Wheeler’s shirt and hat is the word “Jesus.” The phrase “Jesus Saves” is embroidered on Wheeler’s red cape.

Wheeler feels at peace when he runs. He credits this and his faith for lifting him out of a serious depression and bout with drugs when he was drafted to the military as a teenager. His father, grandfather and several uncles were also all preachers.

Wheeler said he has jogged through every state twice. He managed this by living simply and getting support from people who offered it along the way.

(Excerpted from a KCUR article by Elana Gordan)


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