Mania: Bipolar’s Siren Song

Even living in recovery, people with Bipolar Disorder LIVE ON THE CLIFF. Perpetually.

Meds or no meds. Support or no support network. Therapy or no therapy. 12 Steps or no 12 Steps.

Hypo-mania beckons. Mania seduces. The Bipolar mind’s lust for a steady stream of stimulation, thrills, adrenaline, and risk is insatiable. Without diligence and vigilance, off the cliff we go.

Excess, over-indulgence, insane risk-taking, obsessions/compulsions–sex, drugs, alcohol, food, shoplifting, gambling, shopping, debt, and more. Into the abyss of self-destruction, self-medication, impulsivity, possible suicide, incarceration, and, perhaps most importantly, emotional and financial harm to those around us.

If we choose to abandon our recovery and yield to the alluring temptation of Bipolar’s Siren Song, we can be assured of self-inflicted harm. And the specter of Death never strays too far.

We must always strive to think critically and pre-empt the bypass to our pre-frontal lobe. And to disaster.think-periodically

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