“The Monster Inside Me Is Hibernating, Not Dead”

"The Monster Inside Me Is Hibernating, Not Dead" Since I left the comfort and safety of my mother's womb, and perhaps even before, a cruel monster with an insatiable appetite to harm (and ultimately destroy) me has been crowding my soul for space at the epicenter of my being. Sometimes they bicker and shove one … Continue reading “The Monster Inside Me Is Hibernating, Not Dead”

We Are as Human as You: Mitigate our Suffering.

We are Human: Mitigate Our Suffering It's report card day and I am giving American "civilization" an F in compassion because of the primitive savagery it has inflicted, and continues to inflict, upon the mentally ill. Despite the fact that one in five people have a mental illness, and 4% of us suffer from a … Continue reading We Are as Human as You: Mitigate our Suffering.


MIRACLES HAPPEN: BRAIN HEALTH AND RECOVERY Ten years ago, the father in this inspiring video (about a family stricken with kidney disease, fractured by his mental illness and a divorce, and now desperately seeking a kidney for yet another family member) had hit his second major crash from a major Bipolar manic episode, was a … Continue reading MIRACLES HAPPEN: BRAIN HEALTH AND RECOVERY


MEANING AND PURPOSE "A man is never too weak or too wounded to fight. If his cause is greater than his own life." ~Oenomaus "Oenomaus was a Gallic gladiator, who escaped from the gladiatorial school of Lentulus Batiatus in Capua. Together with the Thracian Spartacus and the fellow Gauls Crixus, Castus and Gannicus, he became … Continue reading MEANING AND PURPOSE

Medical Parity: The Joke of the 21st Century.

Medical Parity: The Joke of the 21st Century. Let's take a Quick look At Your Child’s Illness Compared to Mine’s (Schizophrenia) By Laura Pogliano (Share this on every social site you that includes psychology, psychiatry, social work, or departments of health and human services) Your child's illness gets 500, 000 likes on Facebook when you … Continue reading Medical Parity: The Joke of the 21st Century.


NOTES FROM THE UNDERBELLY: I was addicted to a substance or behavior from ages 11 to 50. When my primary relationship was with a substance or behavior, I was spiritually bankrupt and my life was a dumpster fire. Today, by the grace of my Higher Power and hard work, I am free and sober. And … Continue reading NOTES FROM THE UNDERBELLY:

Survival of the Privileged

Survival of the Privileged "In a toxic family system, the black sheep is often the person who sees through everyone else's bullshit." That statement fits me as perfectly as the pieces of a Stradivarius as it's crafted and assembled. Ian McKellan, playing James Whale (the retired director of the classic Frankenstein movie) in God's and … Continue reading Survival of the Privileged


THE SUFFERING IS REAL Untreated severe mental illness is a nightmare beyond anything that even the frightening and deeply macabre imagination of Stephen King could portray with its seemingly supernatural capacity to birth a horrific tale. As both a Stephen King fan and as one who has suffered untreated severe mental illness, I feel confident … Continue reading THE SUFFERING IS REAL


I CHOOSE TO REMEMBER THE LESSONS If it were somehow possible to "erase one's mistakes," as if the narrative of one's life was scrawled on some cosmic chalkboard, my erasures would emit so much dust that I would choke to death before I completed a fraction of the task. Alcoholism, a co-addiction, Bipolar Disorder, and … Continue reading I CHOOSE TO REMEMBER THE LESSONS