It’s a Private Hell

Obsessive thinking and Compulsive behavior are powerful components of my Bipolar Disorder that also contributed heavily to my two addictions. I sought to self medicate my way out of the mental torture they inflicted upon me. I lived this private hell from ages 6 to 26, when I was introduced to Cognitive Behavioral and Exposure … Continue reading It’s a Private Hell


YOU ARE NOT ALONE We are living in an incredibly unstable, uncertain time filled with tribulations and suffering.  I remember how I marveled at my grandparents for having lived through the Great Depression. Yet now, we are facing challenges of a similar magnitude, including a highly infectious, virulent pandemic, frighteningly intense social and political unrest, … Continue reading YOU ARE NOT ALONE

Please Don’t Abuse Yourself Today

Please Don't Abuse Yourself Today Read this today and I am going to save it as a mantra to counter my perfectionism. Sharing it with anyone else who may need it. "I am part of a larger whole. I am not in control of the process of life. And whatever I do is part of … Continue reading Please Don’t Abuse Yourself Today

You Are NOT a Burden

Contrary to the cruel John Wayne ethos of rugged individualism that is drilled into us from birth here in the States, we human beings are social creatures who rely on community and support systems. Playing tough guy and eschewing help for my Bipolar Disorder nearly cost me my life. And striving to live as the … Continue reading You Are NOT a Burden

Don’t Lose Yourself

Living (or surviving) in the midst of the unecessarry suffering of a pandemic run rampant, in a time of tremendous economic uncertainty for all but the rich and powerful, in the swirling chaos of a culture war that has escalated to a highly unsettling degree, and held hostage by a sadistic Malignant Narcissist who fans … Continue reading Don’t Lose Yourself

“This How You Living?”

In 1993, a dedicated and compassionate therapist diagnosed my Bipolar Disorder and gave me my most essential tools (along with medication and 12 Step groups/spirituality) that I use to remain stable: Talk therapy and cognitive behavioral techniques. She "gently walked through my brain" and started helping me with the Herculean task of clearing out the … Continue reading “This How You Living?”

“Our Living Embodiment of Compassion Would Have Loved Them the Most”

Police Dash Cam Footage of Skid Row "Our Living Embodiment of Compassion Would Have Loved Them the Most" By Jason Miller They [homeless people] are constructed ideologically to be oppressed to the level of losing their humanity. It is not by chance it is a design. -Bruno De Oliveira, Constructed To Rot: A Critical Reflection … Continue reading “Our Living Embodiment of Compassion Would Have Loved Them the Most”

When “‘You are a manic-depressive.”

When "'You are a manic-depressive." Reading this brought tears to my eyes, as I could empathize with so many aspects of Guy's experience and struggle. What really resonated with me were the lengths to which he has gone to stay stable, employed, and functional. And I also felt inspired and validated. It takes tremendous effort … Continue reading When “‘You are a manic-depressive.”